Single Sign On KPM (SSO) Full Guide

Single Sign On KPM

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has introduced various new systems in the education line that utilizes the internet and requires online access. The use of these systems are hoped to increase the quality of education in Malaysia whilst ensuring that the education system is structured. However, having too many online systems requires the use of many user IDs and passwords and hence, a new system called Single Sign On (SSO) has recently been introduced.

What is SSO?

Single sign-on (SSO) is an access control feature for various related systems that do not depend on each other. With this feature, a user only has to log in once to access all systems that are allowed without having to log in individually for each system.

The objective of SSO is to allow users to access all MOE systems that they have been authorized to access, using only one log in ID and password.

SSO is very useful for MOE users, especially teachers, who have to log in to various important systems and applications on a regular basis. The advantages of using SSO include not having to remember too many usernames and passwords, not having to enter the username and password multiple times for each system hence saving time, and not having to remember or type in the URL of each system or website required.

Users may still access systems that are involved using its own URL and access more than one system at a time without using the SSO MOE site. However, in both cases, they will not be able to utilise all the features provided by SSO and will have to enter their user ID dan password each time when accessing a different system.

As a security measure, only MOE users that are registered using their identification card (IC) number are allowed to use this facility. All IDs that utilize the school code, PPD code and JPN code will not be able to use this facility. External users such as parents and representatives from statutory bodies will not be able to use SSO. They must access the system through the main website or the system’s own URL.

For Phase 1 of the Implementation of SSO, the systems that are involved are as follows:

Management Module Systems Involved
Students APDM SSDM


Teachers eOperasi eGtukar eGraduan

eProfil ePrestasi ePangkat




School EMIS

The MOE will continue to update the list of systems developed with SSO dan inform schools accordingly from time to time.

The URL for SSO MOE is:

Important information regarding the use of SSO

a) Users can register for SSO through eOperasi, eMIS and APDM.

b) SSO is suitable to be used with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer version 10 with screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels

c) Users are advised to log out from modules and from the main SPS site (SSO) once done with the application, particularly when using a shared computer.

First time registration for SSO

The following registration procedure can be used to register for SSO through eOperasi, eMIS or ADPM.

1. Log in to the system using your Log in ID, password and identification card number (for eOperasi only).

2. For first time registration of SSO, click Daftar SSO.

3. Click Daftar SSO sekarang (Register SSO now)

4. Enter password and e-mail. Then click Daftar to register.

The above screenshots are taken from the eMIS system. The procedure for registration through eOperasi and APDM are similar.

5. Next, go to Click Log In.

6. Enter Identification card number and password that has been registered. Click LOG MASUK.

Accessing the System

  1. Click MENU to display the system list.

  1. Click Pengurusan Sekolah to access the systems related to the school management.

All systems related to school management will be displayed as above.

  1. Click Pengurusan Guru to access the system related to teacher management.

All systems related to teacher management is displayed as above.

  1. Click Pengurusan Murid to access the systems related to student management.

All systems related to student management will be displayed as above.

If the user is authorized to access a system, they will be able to access it directly. If a user does not have the required acess, a message will appear stating that the user does not have access/ to contact the system administrator/no record in the system.

A user may change their password by clicking “Tukar Password” and following the instructions given.

If a user forgets their password, they request to have it reset by clicking on the LUPA PASSWORD tab on the main page.

Enter the e-mail that was used when logging in to SSO for the first time.

Click “Hantar password ke emel.” to send a temporary password to the e-mail address given. Then click OK.

Accessing Required Systems

Users in schools need to contact the system administrator to request access for any required systems. The system administrator for each system is listed in the table below.

List of systems Admin
ePelepasan PK Koko
eOperasi PK1
Program Transformasi Minda
EMIS Data Teacher
eGraduan N/A

SSO Helpdesk

The SSO HelpDesk is available for any users requiring assistance with the system. Users may send an e-mail to or fill out a form at

The MOE will be monitoring any issues and problem that are reported during the implementation of SSO and provide improvements and enhancements as required, from time to time.

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